Third Eye Hoop Kit

Third Eye Hoop Kit

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The Third Eye Hoop is made up of eight different stitches on the dreamiest navy velvet-feel cotton fabric.

Third Eye imagery has been used for protection for centuries. It is associated with heightened spiritual growth, positive attitudes and a more generous approach towards life. Hang this hoop where it can watch over you and lead you to a deep sense of peace, connecting you with your intuition.

Each DIY kit comes with all the materials needed to make one 18cm Third Eye Hoop:


• Bamboo Hoop

• Transfer paper

• High-quality DMC thread

• Needles

• Needle threader

• Wadding & felt (to back your hoop)

✨ Upon purchase you'll be able to download: ✨

  • The Stitch Sister: Stitch Guide, aka the Holy Grail. A 17 page PDF designed for total beginners that contains everything you need to make your hoop, from start to finish, one stitch at a time. The step-by-step instructions are alongside photos to make it as easy as can be. Inside you'll find examples of many different types of stitches (not that you'll need all of them) and you'll even learn how to back your hoop so it looks totally profesh
  • The Third Eye pattern
  • Pattern Guide that shows which stitches you'll need and how many strands of thread to use
  • Photos of the finished hoop for reference

Save paper and only print what you need.

Suitable for all ability levels.