FREE DOWNLOAD: 3 Most Common Embroidery Stitches🌸✨✂️

Starting a new hobby can be super intimidating especially when it comes to sewing. At the heart of it, hand embroidery is a relaxing, simple and mindful pastime.


I've created this short & sweet guide so that you can master my '3 Most Common Embroidery Stitches' in under 10 minutes.

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You'll learn how to sew:

- Running Stitch

- Back Stitch

- Satin Stitch

Of course it's complete with step-by-step photos & instructions, and tips & tricks that my granny passed down to me.

Once you have these easy sewing techniques down you'll have all you need to get stitching and you'll see just how meditative it can be.

Happy stitching!


Let me know if this Stitch Guide was helpful, if you have any questions or what guides you'd like to see next!👇