About Stitch Sis

Stitch Sister is a place for modern embroidery & more. We make DIY Stitch Kits, design bespoke hoops & run regular workshops.

Founded in Hong Kong by Alice, a gal who loves to stumble her way through making, sewing and creating with her pup, Marge, by her side.

Stitch Sister began in October of 2020 so we're still a baby biz! As we grow expect to see more designs, more kits & more crafts.

Why embroidery?

Embroidery can channel your mind and become a form of meditation. For the time that you're working on your hoop there's no screens and no subtitles, no deadlines or emails, no errands or to-do lists, no breaking news or alarming statistics.

Yoga for the mind - it's the perfect combo of slowing down but still feeling 'productive'.

In the never ending To Do list of Adulthood, rest your exhausted mind and let your inner child play. Rediscover the joy of making with your own hands.

And if it’s a bit skew-whiff and wobbly? Well, that’s all part of the charm. We love your wobbly bits.

Environmental focus

Stitch Sister stands for slowing down, consuming consciously & making beautiful handcrafted items that will last a lifetime.

No plastic

We use plastic-free packaging - all orders are wrapped in tissue paper and secured with string. We use cardboard boxes that can be reused and are great to store your projects in. Finally we use paper tape to secure the box.

No nasties

We print on recycled card that is Chlorine, Acid and Lignin free. Our printer is also a FSC certified company meaning they hold a Forest Stewardship Council certificate.