How does it work?

DIY Stitch Kits

Stitch Kits contain everything you need to make your creation whether that's a hoop or a tote bag.

This includes the design and transfer paper so that you can transfer your chosen design onto the fabric.

Stitch Sister: Stitch Guide

Upon purchase, you'll be able to access -

  • The Stitch Sister: Stitch Guide, aka the Holy Grail. A PDF designed for total beginners that contains everything you need from start to finish, one stitch at a time. The step-by-step instructions are alongside photos to make it as easy as can be. Inside you'll find examples of many different types of stitches (not that you'll need all of them) and plenty of tips & tricks so it looks totally profesh

The Stitch Sister: Stitch Guide is designed for total beginners and takes you all the way through from A to Z - from threading your needle to the finishing touches.

  • A PDF of your pattern (as well as the printed one in your kit)
  • A Pattern Guide that shows which stitches you'll need and how many strands of threads to use
  • How To Videos
  • Photos of the finished hoops for reference